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Wii console profile

Profile details:
Added: 2008-10-25 by Alexander
Country: United States
Bought where and when: Costco on the 2007-01-23

This Wii was sent to Nintendo for a disc drive-related repair in June 2007. It may have been a DMS chip OTB. The day purchased may be off a bit.

May it rest in peace; Nintendo replaced it after a software hack went awry.

Wii details:
Model number / region: RVL-001(USA) / NTSC-U/C
Serial: LU5075XXXXXX
Copyright year: 2006
DVD board serial: AMV7325XX
DVD controller: GC2-D2B
  • Cut pins on controller: No
  • Missing solderpad near controller: No
  • New metal clip on DVD drive: -
  • Drive chip covered in black glue: -
  • Missing text on top of large D3 chip: -
Illustrational photos:
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