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Wii console profile

Profile details:
Added: 2009-07-30 by Annette
Country: Canada
Bought where and when: gift on the 2008-12-25

Hi, I have this Wii, and I bought some games for it in Beijing and they won't work. I understand there is a 'modchip' I can buy to override this. I DID NOT OPEN THE CASE AND AM ONLY GUESSING WHICH DRIVE CHIP IT MIGHT BE! Can you still tell me which one anyway, and where to buy it and how much? I have a friend who can install it for me, thanks

Wii details:
Model number / region: RVL-001(USA) / NTSC-U/C
Serial: LU6007536XXX
Copyright year: 2006
DVD board serial: N/A
DVD controller: GC2-D2A
  • Cut pins on controller: No
  • Missing solderpad near controller: No
  • New metal clip on DVD drive: -
  • Drive chip covered in black glue: -
  • Missing text on top of large D3 chip: -
Illustrational photos:
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