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Wii console profile

Profile details:
Added: 2012-07-02 by Rahwono
Country: Hungary
Bought where and when: mYgznqdHxfYxHiWpJD on the 2011-06-16

No more heroes is just funny the story is out of crotonl the game play is kinda boring, but so much random stuff happens you will essentially play the game to see what random/outta place thing will happen next .and the ending is the most randomest/funniest ending I have seen in a long timeReferences :

Wii details:
Model number / region: RVL-001(USA) / NTSC-U/C
Copyright year: 2011
DVD board serial: -1
DVD controller: GC2-D2E2 a.k.a. D2C v2
  • Cut pins on controller: -
  • Missing solderpad near controller: -
  • New metal clip on DVD drive: Yes
  • Drive chip covered in black glue: -
  • Missing text on top of large D3 chip: -
Illustrational photos:
Metal clip (D2C2):
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